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Stephenie it's real!

Hey you, wonderful f-list!

Some of you may know, that I went to see God Stephenie Meyer, the genius herself, on Tuesday. Let me tell you, she's soooooooooo adorable, such a kind woman you just have to love her. B/c I have no clue at all how I should post about that experience, so I'll just tell you how the day went... For starters: ATM, Stephenie is touring to promote the German release of 'Eclipse'. She reads, signs and answers a couple of questions.

At 1.10: My friend Michelle's parents picked us up from school to drive us to Tübingen (3 hour drive). On the way, we also stopped at Vicky's pace to take her with us.

After a looong drive and tons of snow (wtf!) we finally arrived at the place where the reading would be. At around 5 PM, we entered the auditorium, which was really cool, because I've never been to a Uni, but whatever...
We we're 1 1/2 houres early, so we got these magnificent seats, first row, at the right.
In the front, there were two big tables, if she would have sat at the bigger one, she would have been sitting like, next to me. It was so great. During the wait, lots of other fans (mostly girls between 14 and 20) entered the room, sporting self-made t shirts and so on, pretty cool.

Well, at 6.30, there she was: Mrs. Meyer herself. I didn't recognize her at first (although I was 100% sure I would :S), she looks kinda different from most of the pics of her floating around in the net, but soooo beautiful, she's really gorgeous.

There was also a German actress, who read an extract from the book (Jake-Edward-Bella infront of the school; she did pretty well, but overacted some parts, I guess ^^) and a female translator, which was a little weird, kinda needless (everyone understood pretty well, what Stephenie said) but nice.
At first, she talked a little about Stephenie, her success and all that jazz, Steph was all smiley and kind of embarrassed, really adorable.
Then she read Rosalie's story, she talked extremely fast at first, but she has a really soothing voice.

Nooow, the interesting part: Les questions!

There just was wayyy too little time for that (about 20 minutes), and that freaky translator used most of the time, unnecessarily translating into German. *argh* (b/c of that I wasn't able to ask my question... -.-")

Sorry, I can't post a transcript, I was pretty busy listening to her and yeah, it#s not the actual wording, but I hope you'll can cope with that. :)

Q: If you could turn into one of the characters for a day, who would you choose?
A: It's really hard to decide between them, because they're all like my children, and I love all of them, even Victoria, who tried to kill, uhm, Bella. But If I had to, I'd probably choose Edward or Alice. Edward, obiously because he's so amazing (I guess that's what she said :S) and Alice because I'd be able to see my future and I'd try to remember all of it, after I'd be myself again.

Q: Could Bella get pregnant?
A: That's a pretty good occasion to tell you, that I'm not going to answer these 'What if'-questions, because it could give away too much info about the last book. There had also been so much questions about 'what i a human and a vampire'; 'vampire and werewolf' 'vampire-unicorn', it's pretty crazy.

Q: Do you believe in vampires?
A: Noooo *creeped out look* And I'm pretty glad there aren't. Seeing that they are living among us, it'd be pretty great to meet the Cullens but thinking of the Volturi, it's probably better that way. *smiles*

Q (best question ever LOL): What happened to the piece of pizza, Edward ate in the first book?
A: *makes the most adorable 'wtf' face ever* Seeing as vampires have no digestion he didn't really 'eat' it. He spit it out later (she then referred to '' for all the questions about the physis of vampires).

Q: Why did you choos such a small town like Forks as the setting for the story and what do you think of people booking tours to go there? (transcripted)
A: I wrote about the place before I chose where it was going to be and then I just did some research online to find if there would be a town that fit my imagination. And it had to be very rainy, it had to be isolated, it had to be 15 minutes from the beach so I had a lot to look at and right where I wanted it to be was that little town called 'Forks' and with that name I really couldn't resist, and with that the setting was sort of there.
And I do know that people are doing tours there and yeah, it's gotten a little crazy I'm worried somewhat that people are going to be mad that I made their town into a vampires' place, but so far they have been, really, really nice about it and I actually love Forks, I've been there several times since and I'm sure it won't be my last, so... *laughs*

Q: If you could choose, which one would you pick: Edward or Jacob? (typical question, I know)
A: That's a tough question, they are both amazing. I think I had to share them, in Winter, I'd choose Jacob to keep me warm and in Summer I'd pick Edward.

Q: Do vampires have a fragerance?
A: They still have a scent, which is really nice. They don't stink or anything, it's pretty normal (again, not 100% sure, if that's what she said, sorry).

Q: How did you come up with the story f the werewolves?
A: Actually, I never planned to make Twilight a series, but the people from 'little, Brown' where really excited for the books and wanted me to write more, so I was pretty nervous how the story would continue, and because of that, I decided to make the werewolves a much bigger part of the story than intented in the first place.

Q: Why did you choose Volterra, Italy for the 'hometown' of the vampires? (transcript)
A: After I had already made Forks a vampire city and was a little worried that the quileuts, wich is a real tribe, becomea little mad, so I decided that for the town of the Volturi, I would make one up, so I wouldn't have someone else be mad at me. So I decided to call the city 'Volteran' and I pulled out a map of Italy, I knew that I wanted it to be in the Tuscany. And I was picking the right place and right where I wanted my city Volteran to be, was a city already called 'Volterra'. And I was like 'Hmmm, that's interesting.' And I already had the scene right? I already had Bella running across the plaza in front of the clocktower, so I typed in 'Volterr' and pulled up the images and the first picture that comes up is the clock tower on the Volterran square. I can't even tell you the chills that run down my spine, it freaked me out. I called my older sister, who's the only one who reads everything as I'm writing it and I said 'Type up Volterra and see what comes up and she's like *whispers* 'Oh my gosh Stephenie, it's real!' *laughs* So as for that, I had to use Volterra and when I went there, uhm, last year, it was really creepy, and it felt like it could be real, and I don't believe in vampires but in Volterra it's a little bit harder to not believe in vampires.

Q (IMO, the best question of the evening and also te only one concerning the movie): Have you any influence on the casting and will Edward's song for Bella be included in the movie?
A: I did have some influence on the casting, I could fix some mistakes in the script and the casting and they actually involved me a little in the progress of writing the movie, which is really amazing and I'm grateful of. Of course not everyting will be included in the movie, they'll have to cut some parts. About the song, they haven't recorded or decided about the music yet, but right now, the lullabye is not planned for the movie, but they may include it in the soundtrack, in the end.

Sooo, that's all I remember ATM...

After that, she left the room and sat infront of the room, where was more room for the big signing. *woot*
Actually, you were only allowed to get one copy signed, but pretty much everyone got at leat two, she didn't complain at all. When I was (suddenly, OMG!) in front of her, I asked in my fangirl! voice, which she probably didn't understand, because talking crazy fast, if she could 'write like 'for Jenny' or something' *so embarrassing* she answered with a lightly creeped out 'Noooooo...?'. Well I was like whatever, bounced of and said bye.
Then we took some creepy pictures of us in the front and her sitting like 40 feet behind us. LOL But screw that, I'm in a picture with Stephenie Meyer, bitches! *does happy dance*

To sum it up, she is a beautiful woman, who seems extremely kind and so overwhelmed by her success, you gotta love her. ♥

ETA: Last but not least: Picturrrrrrrres!

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And to answer the most imporrrtant question of the day: She drank Pepsi Light.

♥                      J
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You Post?! Part II

:-o Ganz genau! Nach meinem letzten Eintrag hie rund nachdem ich many_roads  (<3) gaanzes wunderbares LJ durchgegangen bin dachte ich mir, why not?Wenn du schon kein Tagebuch führst, lass doch die ganze Welt an deiner täglichen Misere teilhaben (diese "tägliche Misere" wird sich dem auch nicht ganz so aufmerksamen Leser als tief langweiliger Alltagstrott vorstellen).

Also ich hoffe, ihr werdet nicht zu viel Angst vor mir haben und joah, lesen auf eigene Gefahr? (hört sich an wie der Untertitel eines dämlichen Kinder/Jugendbuchs... *scratch*) ->

VIEL SPAß!              :D
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Just wanted to let everyone know that I don't post here. I'm just here to befriend and mostly to snag those gorgeous icons here :p

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